At MennoTravel Service / American Express, when you book and pay for your travel with an American Express card, you can earn rewards in not just one, but three rewards programs. We call it the “Triple Dip” and here’s how it works:

  1. Individual Frequent Flyer Program
    Travelers earn points with their individual airline programs
  2. Corporate Frequent Flyer Program
    Companies earn points towards free tickets with their corporate airline programs
  3. American Express Membership Rewards
    Companies earn rewards points when they pay vendors with the American Express Corporate Card

Pay With Points
An additional benefit of booking your travel with Menno Travel Service / American Express is that we can redeem your American Express Membership Rewards® points to pay for your business or personal travel. Contact Geof Landis at 534-1521 to discuss how partnering with Menno Travel Service / American Express will benefit your corporate travel