Employment Opportunities

Do you have the “right stuff” to be part of the Menno Travel team? Here is what we’re looking for:


    • Competent to perform the assigned duties.
    • Positive in outlook and relationships.
    • Personable — interested in people and travel.
    • High ethical and moral standards
    • Eager to learn and serve.
    • Loyal to Menno Travel and its clientele.

Menno Travel is a progressive employer offering competitive pay and excellent benefits including medical coverage with a medical savings account, 401(k), travel allowance and paid travel time, paid time off (PTO) for vacation and sick time, plus many other benefits. If you’re an experienced agent with established clients we are especially interesting in exploring your options with us. You are invited to send your résumé to Geof Landis.

Current Positions


Independent Agents

Are you an experienced agent with a clientele but would rather set your own work conditions and pay? Menno Travel serves as a host agency for professional independent agents who seek to affiliate with a full-service agency. Based on your needs, we would be glad to design a working relationship that provides the access to high commissions, marketing programs, and agency support to meet your needs.

Menno Travel maintains numerous other professional affiliations including ASTA (Premium Member), ARTA (Platinum Member), National Tour Association, CLIA, IATAN, and ARC. A monthly flat fee covers access to all programs, connection to Worldspan, and access to ARC ticketing if qualifications are met. ARC transactions are billed per item. All point-of-sale commissions are split. As an independent agent, you receive:

  • Full Worldspan connectivity with Tier II Power Pricing, and access to Menno Travel script library
  • Credit for qualifying Worldspan segments generated
  • Access to ARC, IATAN, and CLIA appointments for making commissionable bookings
  • High commission splits through our affiliation with American Express Travel
  • Preferred car, hotel, cruise and tour discounts
  • Listing as an Independent Contractor with IATAN and access to the IATAN card when production requirements are met
  • Access to training and familiarization programs through preferred suppliers, CLIA, and American Express
  • Discounts on your travel if production levels are met
  • Access to overnight letter rates with UPS ($6.00 at present)
  • Access to American Express Representative Network agent website (Axtraweb) and password protected supplier websites
  • Access to credit card processing at a 3.0% rate


Travel Agency Support Services

Are you an independent agency needing limited services, such as access to ARC ticketing and reporting or Worldspan connectivity? Let’s talk! We’ll tailor a program to save you money over “going it alone!” Call or email Geof Landis at (800) 635-0963.
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