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At the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism (Goshen College), we were responsible for finding transportation for a number of research associates from the Global Anabaptist Profile who were also attending Mennonite World Conference Assembly in Pennsylvania. The research associates were coming from all over the globe–India, Zimbabwe, Latin America, etc.–and needed to all be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by July 21.

I have often purchased international plane tickets for myself, but this task pushed the limits of my expertise. Once I started working with Dee at Menno Travel, the process immediately became easier, faster, and, surprisingly, more economical. Dee was able to accommodate very specific requests, including layover times and connecting flights, even under relatively tight deadlines. She also helped us avoid some visa complications that would certainly have been a problem if I had been working alone.

The most amazing part to me was that the flights Dee found for us were consistently lower in cost than the flights I was able to find on my own, even with the added travel advisor fee. I believe at one point I confessed to her over the phone, ‘You have just made my life so much better!’ I am now a huge fan of your travel services and will highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with international travel.


Elizabeth Miller

Administrative Assistant

Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism at Goshen College


Like most people, there are certain things I enjoy doing myself, with the added satisfaction of saving some money. Other things I know better than to even attempt (plumbing, electricity). So when it came to the celebration of my wife and I’s 10th wedding anniversary, or our first-ever trip to London and Switzerland, I instinctively turned to professionals to help us with these projects.

Hiring Menno Travel to design these experiences was a very wise decision, with lasting impact. For our anniversary getaway, we ended up with a cruise of the four main Hawaiian Islands. This allowed us to experience all of Hawaii, rather than just one resort or one island. I also appreciated their recommendation to upgrade to a hotel right on Waikiki Beach overlooking Diamond Head to start our journey.

On our trip to London and Switzerland, at Menno Travel’s recommendation our hotel was only two blocks from Buckingham Palace and within walking distance to many of the attractions you would want to visit in London. This was an ideal location and allowed us to enjoy London on foot, which we prefer to do.

I would highly recommend anyone to use Menno Travel when planning your next trip. They will provide insight that only a professional can give. Additionally, I encourage you to spend that little extra for the upgrades that they recommend. It will truly make a difference in your experience.

Tom Polaski


Cindy and I are taking this opportunity to thank Menno Travel, and Deb Mangas in particular, for helping us plan our memorable 13 day tour of Alaska. It was the perfect blend of fun and educational opportunities. From the morning the limousine driver picked us up at our home until he delivered us home, all phases of our travel progressed seamlessly. Deb has a knack for ‘listening’ between the lines. When we told her what we hoped to derive from our trip, she provided invaluable suggestions.

Again, we want to thank Deb Mangas and Menno Travel for a wonderful experience. We will seek your expertise again!

Bill and Cindy Karn


Dear Deb,

We’re finally settling back into the swing of things after our awesome trip to Alaska. I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone interested in seeing Alaska by ship.  We had wonderful weather and saw so many things.  The only 2 things we didn’t do that we should have, was gone on a whale watching expedition and bear search.

We saw whales, but from quite a distance away.  We didn’t see any bears, but did see lots of eagles, seals, sea lions and the cute little sea otters.  We were also fortunate enough to have the father of the couple we visited in Kodiak take us fishing for a day in the ocean.  What an adventure!!

Thanks again for all your help getting this trip put together for us.

It was the trip of a lifetime for us 🙂

Yours truly,

Bobbi and Tim Torrance


Good Morning, Tricia,

Our trip was a journey to remember the rest of our lives and everything you planned went by perfectly. Our Oahu lodgings were a treat; convenient to the pool and beach. Maui was a true dream; the condo turned into a two-bedroom with a balcony and a view you see in the magazines. We loved every moment!!

We had lunch on the ship while whale-watching and the real highlight was filling my bucket list to fly in a helicopter! I was put next to (I mean next to!) the pilot, with arms touching. Jake was on my left and four more passengers were in the back seat. We flew over the south end of Maui but the crater was clouded over, so the pilot treated us to a tour over Molokai, where we could see the reef and canyons on Maui…they don’t’ usually fly there. Again, we saw whales and manatee and truly the untouched Hawaii!!

Our journey added three days in Chicago – two before and the night we arrived home, all due to storms but staff at the Holiday Inn were wonderful and that, too, was an adventure. Thank you, Tricia for a job well done and an 80th birthday gift fit for royalty.

You will see us again, hopefully, if we travel soon.

The Bitners


Geof and Jill,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the good service you offer at Menno Travel.  Geof, as you are aware, our commencement speaker and his wife did not connect with the driver who was waiting for them at O’Hare last Thursday evening.  Long story short, they did finally connect (after 3 hours) and the thing that helped save the day was the fact that you have an after-hours phone number on the electronic ticket and there is actually a “live” person who answers!  The benefit of going through a travel service who knows us is that you knew who to call at our office after hours and they in turn called me and the situation got resolved.

Again, thanks for your excellent customer service.




I wanted to thank you for all of your help, throughout our travel experience! You have been so helpful, and I have never had a travel advisor offer to help with anything we needed AFTER we had already booked our trip! Be assured that we will be using your services for all of our future trips! I appreciate you following up after our trip to see how everything went.

We had a wonderful time. We have cruised half a dozen times, twice with Royal Caribbean and the rest with Carnival. The location you chose for our room could not have been better!  It was super close to the elevators, right below the buffet/pool area, and directly across the hall from the self-service laundry on our floor. Thanks a million for making it so convenient for us to get everywhere we needed to go, without putting us too close to anything noisy.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for everything. It was a delight to work with you, and I look forward to doing it again very soon.

Paula S. Cassel



There are so many choices to make and things to think of when planning a trip – I was grateful to have the benefit of your and Menno’s experience of various tour companies and the many other considerations when planning our trip to Italy. We had a terrific time! After reviewing maybe 5 tour companies and 12 to 15 itineraries, Insight Vacations and the Italian Elegance tour was almost perfect for what we were looking for. Thank you for your help and guidance!

BJ Thompson


While planning to travel with my family to Peru to lead the Study Service Term, I first researched travel options on the internet.  I found an airline with a good deal, but wanted confirmation from an expert on baggage allowances and customs issues.  I contacted Ron at Menno Travel and not only did he answer my questions, he also found us a better fare on a better airline — and the flight is nonstop!  I couldn’t have made these arrangements on my own — it was well worth paying the nominal charge to hire someone with expertise in the field to find a great deal on the perfect flight.  Thanks, Ron!

~ Jerrell Richer, Goshen College Study Service Term Leader


Kami, my family wants to thank you so much for what was the trip of a lifetime!  Everything was perfect and we were happy with every part!  Also, thanks for all your patience with all my changes and needing so many difficult itineraries for so many different people!  We all agreed that the safari was the best.  Our guide was the best and all accommodations were much fancier than we were used to, and all the food was amazing.  Thank you!     – Stephanie Szynal


Fran has this to say about her travel advisor, Kami Heckaman: “Kami is good!  She knows her stuff, works with what you want and doesn’t try to sell you anything.  She is direct…no nonsense, but, with a touch of humor.  She recognizes what could be best for us and works with our involvement and previous travel experience.”


My wife and I recently traveled overseas to Seoul, South Korea to pick up our adopted son. Because of the nature of our trip, we wanted to ensure our travel was booked properly. We chose to use Menno Travel to arrange our flights .  It was our first time using a travel agency and we could not have been more pleased.  We worked with Dee Miller and she went above and beyond to ensure our flights were hassle free.  She knew the ins and outs of the airline industry and was able to find us a better deal on tickets than we could find using any of the online travel agencies, plus we had peace of mind knowing that everything was booked correctly.  It completely removed the stress that comes with booking international flights.  Our experience with Menno Travel helped to make our international trip even more enjoyable.  We will absolutely use Menno Travel in the future and will not hesitate to whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone traveling.   – Cory & Shannan Martin, Wakarusa, IN


Pam Shaw from Utilimaster relies on Corporate Travel Advisor, Jill Mann.  Pam sent this to Jill recently, “You really do a great job for me, and for everyone I talk to at Utilimaster.  It’s really a good feeling to know that you are there and ready to help in any way that you can.  You look for options and never seem to tire of helping me with the best possible plans.  You’re always prompt, easy to work with and friendly.”


I have used your company in the past and have had excellent experiences.  We also have some near future travel plans that we will be making as well.  I wanted you to know that one of the reasons I keep coming back to you is Sondra Pressler.  She was the first one I spoke with 3-4 years ago as we planned a trip to the Bahamas.  Ever since then, this is who I call.  She does a great job of finding the deals and follow-up with the customer.  Thanks for the great job your team does.  – Eddie Manuel, Senior Executive Sales Whirlpool Corporation


I just wanted to take a second and thank you for going above and beyond in helping us book our Disney vacation.  We have never taken a vacation of this magnitude before and you put our fears at ease and helped us every step of the way.  From making sure we had passes to meals and how to pay, you were very professional and extremely helpful. I have been recommending Menno Travel to everyone I meet.  We definitely will be going through Menno Travel again for our vacation needs.

Thank you again for all your help!!!
Jen Padgett


Maggie did an excellent job with our trip again this year…it was the best resort experience we’ve ever had.  Kudos to Maggie!!  – Kim Herbster


Maggie, we just got back from our trip to Arizona.  We had a wonderful time and the weather was amazing.  It’s hard to come back to flat and cold Indiana.  Thanks for all your help with planning the trip.  It was so nice having my brother meet us in Texas.  What a help.  Everything went as planned, no problems, but what else would we expect from you.  You are by far the best!  – Trinity Whittern


Our incentive travel specialist at Menno has assisted us with our Executive Club trip for many years.  Her knowledge and expertise has allowed us to put together many wonderful cruises and vacations as awards for our top managers and salespeople, while managing every detail and working within our budget.

Sharon Martin
Heritage Financial Group, Inc.
Elkhart, IN


Goshen College has worked with Ron Yoder of Menno Travel for the air portion of a number of our Adult Educational Travel group tours. He has worked to give us the best price available for our international flights and has contacted each individual to supply the additional domestic flight to the gateway airport.

~ Janette Yoder, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana


I have worked with Menno Travel’s group department numerous times for our student international programs and have consistently found the programs to be well-planned and offer an excellent value. They communicate well both with us planning the program as well as with the students participating.  It’s evident that they work hard to find the best options at the best price.

~Thelma Rohrer, Manchester College

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