Sample IBank Reports

Executive Summary with Graphs

Intended Purpose: Manage overall travel spend
Description: Most popular report, gives summary information for air, car, and hotel information with top five city info and graphs of vendor usage

Executive Summary – Monthly Data  —  Executive Summary – Yearly Data

Top/Bottom Travelers – Air

Intended Purpose: Track frequent travelers based on air volume
Description: Summary of air volume by traveler, can be used to see who the top travelers of an account are for policy management and other purposes

All Travelers – Monthly Data  —  All Travelers – Yearly Data

Exceptions – Air

Intended Purpose: Identify traveler’s booking air travel out of policy
Description: Identify the reason traveler did not accept the lowest fare offered and provide detail for all instances in a specified date range

Exceptions – Monthly Data  —  Exceptions – Yearly Data

Electronic Invoice – Combined

Intended Purpose: Allows for online access to a duplicate invoice
Description: Used to provide a new invoice per traveler request. Shows Air, Car, Hotel, Service Fees all in one document.

Electronic Invoice – Monthly Data  —  Electronic Invoice – Yearly Data

Transaction Analysis by Credit Card

Intended Purpose: Tracking Transaction by Credit Cards
Description: Use this detailed report to track the billing associated with a specific credit card number for Air transactions and most service fees. Both the MCO and ticket number are available along with the itinerary of the trip and the transaction dates of the fee.

Credit Card Analysis – Monthly Data  —  Credit Card Analysis – Yearly Data

Unused Ticket Report

Intended Purpose: Tracking unused tickets
Description: While not an IBank Report, this is one of our most popular reports. This report lists the unused non-refundable tickets that are available for your travelers. Data included in this report are: Passenger Name, Ticket Number, Airline, Amount, Reissue Date, and Travel Deadline.

Unused Ticket Report

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