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jillJill Mann started her career in 1992, joining Menno Travel in 1997.  Her expertise as a business travel manager includes her superb handling of complicated airline ticket exchanges.  Her wealth of knowledge has made Jill the “go to” person in the corporate travel department for complex problem solving & general leadership. She is the backbone of the corporate travel department.    Jill has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean to locations such as Belize, Mexico, and Bonaire in search of pristine scuba diving locations.   Her all-around favorite travel location is the Hawaiian Islands.
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deeDee Miller has been in the travel industry since 1995 and joined Menno Travel in 2001. She graduated from Davenport College with a concentration in Travel & Tourism and handles corporate accounts as well as complicated international itineraries. Dee’s travel experience includes trips to Ethiopia, Mexico, France, Israel, Turkey and many Caribbean cruises.
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Kim Wright started her career in 1986 and began working at Menno Travel in 2014. She has an extensive background in corporate and sports travel, specializing in motorsports teams and event logistics. She has also initialized group travel to sporting events such as the Superbowl, Final Four, Indy 500 and Ryder Cup. Her favorite current travel destination is London.
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ronRon Yoder joined Menno Travel in 1982 and is skilled at handling complicated international travel, consolidator and bulk fares. Since 2006, Ron works remotely from his home in Texas. He has extensive travel experience to destinations such as Togo, Malaysia, Honduras, Bolivia, Europe and England.
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Pete Myers graduated from Manchester University where he studied Business Management and Sales, as well as played football for the Spartans. Pete is the business account contact for Menno’s relationships with various corporate accounts. He is also responsible for creating the newsletter, assisting with reporting, daily finance, and acquiring new corporate accounts. Pete enjoys vacationing anywhere with a warm beach and also hopes to attend a football game in every professional stadium.  
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