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At the Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism (Goshen College), we were responsible for finding transportation for a number of research associates from the Global Anabaptist Profile who were also attending Mennonite World Conference Assembly in Pennsylvania. The research associates were coming from all over the globe–India, Zimbabwe, Latin America, etc.–and needed to all be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by July 21.

I have often purchased international plane tickets for myself, but this task pushed the limits of my expertise. Once I started working with Dee at Menno Travel, the process immediately became easier, faster, and, surprisingly, more economical. Dee was able to accommodate very specific requests, including layover times and connecting flights, even under relatively tight deadlines. She also helped us avoid some visa complications that would certainly have been a problem if I had been working alone.

The most amazing part to me was that the flights Dee found for us were consistently lower in cost than the flights I was able to fine on my own, even with the added travel advisor fee. I believe at one point I confessed to her over the phone, “You have just made my life so much better!” I am now a huge fan of your travel services and will highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with international travel.


Elizabeth Miller

Administrative Assistant

Institute for the Study of Global Anabaptism at Goshen College


Geof and Jill,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the good service you offer at Menno Travel.  Geof, as you are aware, our commencement speaker and his wife did not connect with the driver who was waiting for them at O’Hare last Thursday evening.  Long story short, they did finally connect (after 3 hours) and the thing that helped save the day was the fact that you have an after-hours phone number on the electronic ticket and there is actually a “live” person who answers!  The benefit of going through a travel service who knows us is that you knew who to call at our office after hours and they in turn called me and the situation got resolved.

Again, thanks for your excellent customer service.



Pam Shaw from Utilimaster relies on Corporate Travel Advisor, Jill Mann.  Pam sent this to Jill recently, “You really do a great job for me, and for everyone I talk to at Utilimaster.  It’s really a good feeling to know that you are there and ready to help in any way that you can.  You look for options and never seem to tire of helping me with the best possible plans.  You’re always prompt, easy to work with and friendly.”

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