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Deem Mobile App

We are excited to announce that Menno Travel is now able to offer a mobile app for our Deem customers. If your company is using Deem for online reservations you can download and start using the new app today.

The new app delivers:
• Management of upcoming travel reservations
• End-to-end reservation capability for flights, hotels and car rentals
• TripAdvisor ratings in hotel search results
• Calendar sync to provide real-time updates to your calendar based on travel reservations
• Select and compare seat sections across flight results
• In-app flight check-in and mobile boarding pass




Flight Options Segment View/Trip View

While looking at flight options you may choose between Segment View or Trip View. Segment View will allow you to select you outbound and return flights separately, while Trip View allows you to select your flights based on the whole itinerary.

You can change the view selection on the page with the flight availability : (Click Images to enlarge)


You can also choose which view you see by default in your travel preferences as shown here:

Finding Lower Fares in Deem

The fare matrix shows the lowest fare even if it’s at an alternate airport. Hover your mouse over the fare in the matrix and Deem shows more details:

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To see the alternate flight options (other airports), click the fare in the matrix, or click ‘View all times and airports’ in the search box. Or (to leave the times the same), select individual airports:

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Then it shows alternate airports, indicated with an exclamation mark:

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How to Use an Unused Ticket With Deem:

Unused Tickets – Ticket Exchange (see video)

  • Nonrefundable tickets: When a nonrefundable ticket is canceled and can not be voided, it will appear in the traveler’s profile in the Unused Ticket list and on the flight search page when making a reservation for that person. Deem will automatically apply the value of the unused ticket toward purchase of a new ticket (provided the new ticket is of greater value and is on the same airline). Keep in mind, unused tickets have expiration dates after which they lose all value.
  • Refundable tickets: When a refundable ticket is canceled, it will appear in the traveler’s profile in the Unused Ticket list until it is refunded. It will not appear on the flight search page. If you see a ticket in the traveler’s Unused Ticket list with status “Refund Pending”, please let Menno Travel and we will refund the ticket for you.

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Hotel and Multi-City Search

    Round Trip Search — you can add htl/car at all stages of the process (after selecting flights, after putting booking on hold, or after purchasing).  One hotel and one car maximum.

    Multi-City Search — you cannot add htl/car to held or purchased bookings.  You must select Hotel and/or Car checkbox at the beginning of the search.  Multiple hotels/cars in each city are allowed.

    Hotel Rates — Before booking a hotel, always look at the “Room/Rate details”.  There are a few rates that are advance purchase/nonrefundable.  And some rates have a penalty for cancelling within 24 hours of the check-in date, or 48 hours, etc.

Copy a Trip

If you make the same travel plans every month or if you are a travel planner sending two travelers on the same trip you can copy a trip to save time with the booking process. After you book the trip view the details of the itinerary then click the book again link under the travel tools menu.

Avoid Penalties

Before starting a new reservation we recommend you review the upcoming travel reservations for that traveler so you do not make a duplication.

  • DOUBLE BOOKINGS – Airlines do not allow one traveler to hold the same or similar flights on separate reservations for the same date. This will result both reservations being cancelled and a huge fee from the airline to your company. This includes if even ONE flight is the same. You must cancel or change a reservation before beginning another reservation.
  • CHURNING – Booking the same exact flights, then cancelling, then booking again, then canceling, booking again, then canceling will result in an airline fee.

Finding hotels that offer Airport Transfers

After doing a hotel search, look in the left column for the “By Amenities” box.  Scroll down and put a check by “Free airport transportation”.

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This will automatically filter the results to show only hotels that offer free shuttle service. Or, if you want to see if a specific hotel offers shuttle service, click “Amenities” under the hotel name:

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If free transportation is offered, it will be listed:

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Southwest Direct Access (SDA) – Instructions/Guidelines

Please keep in mind these guidelines apply only to Southwest reservations made in Deem and may differ from reservations with other airlines in Deem.

Deem access through Southwest Direct Access (SDA) to Southwest Airlines fares including SWABIZ discounted fares, standard fares and web only fares. This program will support schedule based searches so you can compare schedules and fares with other airlines.

Holding a Trip

You may hold a trip until midnight the following day or up to 1 hour prior to flight time when within 24 hours of flight time on Southwest.  Fares are only guaranteed with purchase.  If the last date to purchase the fare occurs before the end of the hold time, the delegate/traveler will be advised this on the trip confirmation.

(This differs from the normal Deem reservations. All other airlines require 4 hours for ticket issuance)   

Check In

Travelers will check-in for their flight at and


You are allowed to cancel SDA (Southwest Direct Access) trips online.  Whenever possible CANCEL a reservation instead of changing it. A Southwest Direct Access (SDA) original reservation may be cancelled through Deem or online at Both refundable and non-refundable fare types will be refunded if cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation.

Trips cancelled within 24 hours will be eligible for a full refund.  The 24 HOUR WINDOW to CANCEL is an explicit 24 hours from the time the ticket is issued including weekends and holidays.  This means a ticket issued at 4:20pm on Saturday will be eligible for a full refund up to 4:20pm on Sunday.

Once travel has begun you must contact Southwest directly at 1-800-435-9792 to cancel or change the return flight.

Change Trip

You may change travel dates/times but not the origin or destination for one way or round trip reservations in Deem.  Multi-city trips will need to be changed directly with Southwest at 1-800-435-9792. Any Southwest Direct Access (SDA) originated reservations can not be changed at

Whenever possible CANCEL a reservation instead of changing it.

Rapid Rewards

Update your profile to include your Rapid Rewards number (if not already submitted) as it will be passed through to Southwest and the trip will be validated. If a Rapid Rewards number is incorrect or the traveler name does not match what is on the account the traveler will be alerted on the trip confirmation page and needs to contact the airline to correct and add that flight.  Travelers will receive bonus points as part of the rapid rewards promotions that do not have restrictions for online only bookings.  Travelers will not receive bonus points that require booking online with

Find your Confirmation/Reservation Number

Menno Travel Service and Airlines use a set of letters and numbers for reservation identification. These can also be known as Record Locator, Confirmation Number, Reference Number, or Reservation Number. Below are examples of itineraries highlighting the differences between Menno Travel Service’s number and the number used by the Airline for your flight check in.

Itinerary Confirmation example - Rearden

click image to enlarge

Itin Confirmation example - GDS nonparticipants - Marvin

click image to enlarge

Itin Confirmation example - GDS participants - Marvin

click image to enlarge

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