From Our Clients…

“While planning to travel with my family to Peru to lead the Study Service Term, I first researched travel options on the internet.  I found an airline with a good deal, but wanted confirmation from an expert on baggage allowances and customs issues.  I contacted Ron at Menno Travel and not only did he answer my questions, he also found us a better fare on a better airline — and the flight is nonstop!  I couldn’t have made these arrangements on my own — it was well worth paying the nominal charge to hire someone with expertise in the field to find a great deal on the perfect flight.  Thanks, Ron!”

~ Jerrell Richer, Goshen College Study Service Term Leader


“Goshen College has worked with Ron Yoder of Menno Travel for the air portion of a number of our Adult Educational Travel group tours. He has worked to give us the best price available for our international flights and has contacted each individual to supply the additional domestic flight to the gateway airport.”

~ Janette Yoder, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana

“I have worked with Menno Travel’s group department numerous times for our student international programs and have consistently found the programs to be well-planned and offer an excellent value. They communicate well both with us planning the program as well as with the students participating.  It’s evident that they work hard to find the best options at the best price.”

~Thelma Rohrer, Manchester College

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