From Our Clients…

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the great service I have received from Ron Yoder over the past years.  Twice while traveling to Central Africa I have been in the midst of unrest/war within the country that caused the airport to close, blocking my departure.  Both times Ron has worked to make sure my tickets were changed or looked for other options and other airlines to accommodate getting me out of the country in a safe manner.  This last experience in September I asked Ron several times to make changes, to hold tickets and to check other airlines.  Everything was uncertain but he checked all possibilities and assured me that I could call him in the middle of the night if necessary since the time difference is 8 hours.
Being in the midst of chaos and unrest is stressful enough, but not having a way out can be overwhelming.  Just the fact that I knew Ron was listening and working on my behalf was very reassuring and comforting.  When I was boarding the U.S. Embassy plane doing the latest evacuation I called a co-worker and asked them to please call Ron and let him know I was on my way to Cameroon.  When I landed at the airport Ron had already rearranged all flights home for me and my travel companion and sent them to the person picking us up.  What a relief during such a stressful time.  Thank you MENNO and thank you Ron!”

~ Ginger Hock
Director of Hand in Hand Orphan Schools
Encompass World Partners

     “My wife and I recently traveled overseas to Seoul, South Korea to pick up our adopted son.  Because of the nature of our trip, we wanted to ensure our travel was booked properly. We chose to use Menno Travel to arrange our flights.  It was our first time using a travel agency and we could not have been more pleased.  We worked with Dee Miller and she went above and beyond to ensure our flights were hassle free.  She knew the ins and outs of the airline industry and was able to find us a better deal on tickets than we could find using any of the online travel agencies, plus we had peace of mind knowing that everything was booked correctly.  It completely removed the stress that comes with booking international flights.  Our experience with Menno Travel helped to make our international trip even more enjoyable.  We will absolutely use Menno Travel in the future and will not hesitate to whole heartedly recommend their services to anyone traveling.
~ Cory & Shannan Martin, Wakarusa, IN

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