Flight Options Segment View/Trip View

While looking at flight options you may choose between Segment View or Trip View. Segment View will allow you to select you outbound and return flights separately, while Trip View allows you to select your flights based on the whole itinerary.

You can change the view selection on the page with the flight availability : (Click Images to enlarge)


You can also choose which view you see by default in your travel preferences as shown here:

A Message From ASTA

Save Time, Save Money: Use a Travel Agent

There’s no end to the choices people have today, whether it’s where to shop, what to buy and especially where to travel, but one of the most important choices a person can make is the decision to use a travel agent when planning their next vacation.

“Gone are the days when a travel agent just got you from Point A to Point B. Today’s agent is a travel counselor skilled at not only providing their clients with their dream vacations but at giving them great value for their money. They are experts at navigating the Internet, and act as advocates on their clients’ behalf in the event something goes wrong, such as a natural disaster or political unrest,” ASTA President and Chair Chris Russo said. “Travel agents understand that travel planning isn’t just about places, it’s about people.”

Here are just a few reasons to use a professional travel agent:Travel Agents are working for you

  • Customer advocacy: If you have a problem with a particular part of your travel experience, the agent is there to act on your behalf to see that restitution is made. ASTA, for example, is the only travel industry association aggressively fighting to improve the travel experience, and air transportation in particular, for all consumers, not just those with access to the Internet.
  • Expert guidance: Travel agents, unlike instructions on a Web page, are experts in understanding and deciphering the myriad travel information and codes out there. It’s what they’ve been trained to do and they do it every day.
  • Personalized service: Instead of an impersonal voice thousands of miles away, travel agents are your neighbors. They know what you want and what you value in your travel experience.
  • Professional advice: Travel agents are there to make sure you get where you want to go, when you want to go and for the lowest price.
  • Time: Instead of checking a long list of travel Web pages, which only provide rates and fares for the companies that have contracted with them, why not go straight to the source? A travel agent has all the information at their fingertips, saving you a few hours in front of a computer screen or on hold.
  • Unbiased information: Agents work for their clients, not for a travel supplier. It makes sense that a happy customer will be a repeat customer.

The mission of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism. ASTA seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable and growing and a rewarding field in which to work, invest and do business.

Elkhart Truth Features Doug Risser

The Elkhart Truth’s Angelle Barbazon has a feature on Menno Travel’s Doug Risser.


A Toast To Doug Risser

Employees, Friends, and Family joined together to thank Doug Risser and wish him well in retirement. Doug Risser joined Menno Travel as his first “real” job out of college back in 1972.  From his start as a domestic agent to Manager in 1980 and as Co-Owner with Geof Landis since 1995, he has worn many hats, including marketing, group and incentive travel (he loved that!), financial oversight, and general management.  Although Doug has always enjoyed the benefits of being in travel, he and Sharon will travel even more starting May 1.

Doug and Sharon will continue to host cruise groups for American Express Travel including an Imperial Capitals of Europe river cruise with Uniworld at the end of August and a Spice Route cruise in December from Chennai to Singapore via Myanmar, Malaysia, and Phuket with Azamara Club Cruises (information on both of these are on Menno Travel’s website).

Doug is proud that in his more than forty years with Menno Travel, the Goshen office has built a reputation for ethical dealings, has high employee retention, has always been profitable, and is solid financially.  Menno Travel is recognized nationally within the travel industry through involvement with the American Society of Travel Agents, ARTA, NTA, American Express Travel, and others.

Doug will “retire” to manage The Exchange Business Suites, the completely remodeled office space on the second floor above Menno Travel (see related article).

IMG_1732 IMG_1720ThanksDoug

April 2014 Menno Traveler

Menno Traveler – April 2014

~ a newsletter for our business travelers ~

Meet Brooke Kaiser, Menno’s Newest Travel Professional
Brooke grew up in Syracuse, Indiana and is a 2012 graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington with a B.S. in Recreation/Park and Recreation Management. She most recently was Curriculum Coordinator at New Beginnings Preschool and Day Care in Milford, IN.

Brooke is learning all aspects of travel, included our Worldspan airline reservation system and the many, many preferred suppliers and American Express programs used to bring value and credibility to planning travel for our customers.

You might meet or hear Brooke as she spends time job-shadowing our staff and working in our Sales Assistance Center, answering phones and greeting walk-in customers.

We are excited that Brooke has chosen travel as her career and Menno Travel as her place to work! Welcome Brooke!

Doug Risser Retiring May 1
Doug Risser joined Menno Travel as his first “real” job out of college back in 1972.  From his start as a domestic agent to Manager in 1980 and as Co-Owner with Geof Landis since 1995, he has worn many hats, including marketing, group and incentive travel (he loved that!), financial oversight, and general management.  Although Doug has always enjoyed the benefits of being in travel, he and Sharon will travel even more starting May 1.

Doug and Sharon will continue to host cruise groups for American Express Travel including an Imperial Capitals of Europe river cruise with Uniworld at the end of August and a Spice Route cruise in December from Chennai to Singapore via Myanmar, Malaysia, and Phuket with Azamara Club Cruises (information on both of these are on Menno Travel’s website).

Doug is proud that in his more than forty years with Menno Travel, the Goshen office has built a reputation for ethical dealings, has high employee retention, has always been profitable, and is solid financially.  Menno Travel is recognized nationally within the travel industry through involvement with the American Society of Travel Agents, ARTA, NTA, American Express Travel, and others.

Doug will “retire” to manage The Exchange Business Suites, the completely remodeled office space on the second floor above Menno Travel (see related article).

Employees Who Take Vacations Are More Productive
Research shows that people who take more than two weeks of vacation are less likely to have a heart attack. In addition, time off improves the employees family life and social life. Research shows that business productivity actually grows when workers take their time off. They come back refreshed and recharged.

Employers could do a better job of encouraging their staff to use their paid time off. Americans are working themselves to the bone with no personal benefit other than working hard.

Better yet, use travel to motivate employees, awarding trips for a job well done or meeting a deadline! Contact Dorothy Shirk to purchase employee travel rewards certificates.

Preparing for Summer Travel
While this past winter had more travel disruptions than usual, the fact is that more flights are delayed due to weather in the summer than during the winter.  Thunderstorms can appear on short notice, unlike this winter where we were often notified of cancelled flights days in advance and could re-accommodate you before you ever left home.  Let Menno Travel manage all of your reservations from one record so that one call to us or our emergency after-hours service will change your air, car rental, and hotel reservations.

Local Company Commends Delta Air Lines for Signing Tourism Code of Conduct
We would like to recognize and congratulate Everence, a local company offering banking, financial and insurance services, for encouraging Delta Air Lines to sign The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (also known as The Code).

The Code is an initiative supported by ECPAT-USA (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes).

To avoid becoming unwitting facilitators of traffickers, the travel and tourism industry – including airlines, hotel chains and travel agencies – are being asked to scrutinize their operations. Through participation in The Code, companies will strengthen their formal human rights policies to include building awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery among clients and guests, and educating employees to help authorities uncover traffickers and protect potential victims.

Everence, through Praxis Mutual Funds, joined other ICCR members in a series of dialogues over several months. Led by Sr. Valerie Heinonen of Mercy Investment Services, the conversations encouraged Delta to take the lead among U.S. airlines by signing The Code.

More information is available on ICCR‘s website.

Make your voice heard by clicking here and thanking Delta for participating in The Code.

Delta’s New SkyMiles Mileage Earning Structure Not Popular with Businesses
Delta’s new frequent flyer program that will base earnings on ticket price starts January 1, 2015. Delta says the new redemption structure will create more flexibility and expand on ways to use miles.

The Business Travel Coalition recently released the results of a survey regarding this change, and some 82 percent of all survey participants agree that as airlines seek to maximize total revenue per passenger, and add ancillary fees to traveler financial incentives for the purpose of calculating award points, that travel policy will become more difficult to maintain adherence to; 84 percent say the new programs will result in higher prices paid for by their companies.

Airlines have the right to change their frequent flier programs, but it is thought that airlines will secure higher yields and revenues from the vast number of less frequent business travelers for whom new incentives to earn valuable perks will be compelling.

Because airlines do not provide fee data to their partners and customers, an insufficient level of ancillary fee transparency and tracking can lead to traveler abuse where out-of-travel-policy services are purchased.

Click here for complete details of Delta’s 2015 SkyMiles Program.

American Updates Award Travel Levels and Checked Bag Policies
Passengers traveling on American on miles they earned or who paid full price for an economy seat won’t get free checked bags anymore.

US Airways is ending blackout day for redeemed miles, but American is changing the number of miles needed to get an unrestricted free flight. More miles will be needed on popular travel days, fewer on less-busy ones.

According to the Associated Press, mid-tier elite members (platinum on American; gold and platinum on US Airways) will get two free checked bags; a reduction of one for the US Airways’ Dividend Miles elites.

And lower-level elites (gold on American; silver on US Airways) will get one free checked bag, a reduction from two for the American customers.

For complete information on award miles, visit the American Airlines award chart.

For complete information on baggage policies, visit aa.com/baggage.

United Adds 500 New Electronic Charging Stations
United Airlines began installing nearly 500 electronics charging stations in customer seating areas at many of the airports United serves. Chicago O’Hare was first to be outfitted with more than 110 of the new charging stations in Concourses B and C by the end of March. Next will be Houston, Los Angeles, Newark and Washington Dulles hubs in the coming weeks as well, along with New York LaGuardia and Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. Each of United’s new charging stations offers access to six, 110-volt power outlets and two USB ports, enabling customers to charge a range of electronic devices simultaneously.

United Airlines Cracking Down on Oversized Carry-On Bags
United is getting tough on passengers with oversized carry-on bags, even sending some of them back to the ticket counter to check their luggage for a fee.

The airline has started a push to better enforce rules restricting the size of carry-on bags – an effort that will include instructing workers at security checkpoint entrances to eyeball passengers for bags that are too big.

United has new bag-sizing boxes at most airports and sent an email to frequent fliers, reminding them of the rules. The size limits on carry-on bags have been in place for years, but airlines have enforced them inconsistently, rarely conducting anything beyond occasional spot checks.

United says its new approach will ensure that bags are reliably reviewed at the security checkpoint, in addition to the bag checks already done at gates prior to boarding.

Passengers are typically allowed one carry-on bag to fit in the overhead bin, which can be no larger than 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches. Fliers can also bring one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag that fits under the seat in front of them.

People flying with oversized bags can have the suitcase checked for free at the gate, a longstanding practice. But those who get halted at the entrance to security must now go back to the ticket counter and pay the airline’s $25 checked-luggage fee.

The Truth About Hotel Rates
It’s Complicated! – Recently one of our corporate customers had four executives at a Holiday Inn Express in New Jersey.  Our corporate agent had booked them a rate of $145 per room, per night for a King bedded room.  A walk-in hotel guest checking in next to them was offered a rate of $109 for a room with a double bed. Furthermore, the desk agent told the guest that he could have had a rate of $99 if he had booked on the hotel’s website.

Our customers questioned how the rates could fluctuate so much and the manager explained that the reservation that we had booked for them was a refundable, non-prepaid rate with a confirmed King bed. The $109 rate was a non-refundable hotel direct rate for one double bed for a single guest, and the $99 rate was a hotel website non-refundable, advance purchase rate for a double bed for a single guest.

The truth is that Menno Travel can find you the best unrestricted rates (i.e. not prepaid, “opaque”, non-refundable, government rate, etc.) and pre-paid, non-refundable, advance purchase rates. Most business travelers need or want their hotel reservations to be “changeable”, so the pre-paid, non-refundable rates tend to be purchased more often in our leisure department.

Delta’s Innovation and Marked Improvement on Flight Delays
Scenario: The crew of Delta Air Lines Flight 55 couldn’t legally fly from Lagos, Nigeria, to Atlanta unless they waited a day due to new limits on how much pilots can fly in a rolling 28-day period. The trip would have to be canceled. Instead, Delta headquarters told the captain to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, which they could reach within their duty limits. There, two new pilots would be waiting to take the Boeing 767 on to Atlanta. The plane arrived in San Juan at 2:44 a.m., quickly took on fuel and pilots, and landed in Atlanta only 40 minutes late.

The episode, unorthodox in the airline industry, illustrates the fanaticism Delta now has for avoiding cancellations. Last year, Delta canceled just 0.3% of its flights, according to the flight-tracking service FlightStats.com. That was twice as good as the next-best airlines, Southwest and Alaska, and five times better than the industry average of 1.7%.

On 72 days last year, Delta didn’t cancel a single one of its 2,500 flights. “We’re posting numbers that we’ve never seen in our industry,” said Delta President Edward Bastian in an interview. Bad storms, of course, still cause massive airline cancellations, even at Delta, and airline officials say they are quicker to cancel when storms are forecast. This year’s cancellation numbers will be higher because of the harsh winter storms-two major ice storms in Atlanta already caused more cancellations for Delta than it had all of last year. But Delta has had more zero-cancellation days this year compared with the same time last year and expects to return to the lowest percentage of cancellations among U.S. airlines again before the end of April.

Delta Providing Sleep Kit Amenities on Long-Haul International Flights
Delta introduces new sleep kits and several updated amenities for passengers seated in the Economy cabin on long-haul international flights. Sleep kits will include individual eyeshades plus earplugs to help customers get better rest when travelling between continents. Finally the airlines are bringing back free stuff in economy class!

8-Hour Time Lapse Photo of Take-offs at LAX

Enjoy a look at what took a day and 370 photos to do: LAX time lapse take-offs


Look for Throwback Thursday Posts on our Facebook Page
Last October Menno Travel celebrated our 60th Anniversary.  We dug deep looking for interesting pages and articles from our history.  We’ve enjoyed looking back and want to share some with you.

Among the posts on our Menno Travel Facebook page have been Throwback Thursday postings sharing memories, with many photos of employees both current and past.  You might especially enjoy Geof’s photo wearing his “snazzy” plaid suit from more than 30 years ago!

We invite you to share the fun with us by “liking” us on Facebook.

New Business Suites Available above Menno Travel Office
The Exchange Business Suites, in downtown Goshen above Menno Travel, celebrated its opening on Friday, March 7, during Goshen’s First Friday event.

“The Exchange offers four secure suites that can each house three or more people in a setting that is comfortable and modern, yet private and secure when needed, and with casual collaborative space including a coffee and sitting area, conference room, storage areas, and modern restrooms,” stated Doug Risser, who is developing the space with his wife, Sharon.  “Among the striking features are the large windows facing onto Main Street in the two front suites”.

At present, the entire second floor is available with almost 4,000 square feet of finished space.  Rent is $2,200 plus utilities.  Rates for individual suites and a rent-a desk options vary according to size, view, and amenities.

Complete information on The Exchange is online at TheExchangeGoshen.

O’Hare’s International Terminal 5 Renovation Revealed!
O’Hare International Airport and retail developer Westfield unveiled a long-awaited $26 million renovation of its international terminal. Terminal 5 first opened in 1993, well before 9/11 and the resulting onslaught of security. As TSA lines were added, they blocked access to about 95 percent of the terminal’s dining and retail options, which meant travelers were limited if hungry or thirsty after clearing customs.

Construction started in July 2012, adding more than 18 restaurants and retail shops, including 11 local Chicago brands, such as Rick Bayless’ modern Mexican eatery Tortas Frontera, the Italian eatery Tocco, the artisanal market Goddess & Grocer and the coffee roaster and retailer Kofe powered by Intelligentsia. Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises is opening four locations, including casual eatery Hub 51, Asian restaurants Big Bowl and Wow Bao, and R.J. Grunts Burgers & Fries.

Supreme Court Rules for Airline that Kicked Frequent Flier off its Plan
The Supreme Court decided unanimously recently that an airline had the right to dump a frequent flier who complained too much. The decision allows airlines to have sole discretion to drop frequent fliers. The case involved Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, who was ousted from Northwest Airlines’ WorldPerks loyalty program for complaining too often about getting bumped from flights and repeatedly seeking compensation the airline considered unfair. The airline argued that frequent-flier programs operate at the sole discretion of the airline. Airlines said they can’t tailor their programs to a patchwork of consumer laws from 50 states.

Support Ruthmere and Win a Trip to Highclere Castle, The Real Downton Abbey!
Ruthmere, three historic properties, gardens and events in Elkhart, Indiana has teamed up with Menno Travel to make this dream trip come true for one lucky Ruthmere member and a guest.

New Ruthmere members at the Individual and Family Membership levels as well as current Ruthmere members who renew at their existing membership level will receive one chance to win.

New members who join at the Patron level or higher will receive three chances to win. Renewing members who increase their level of membership in 2014 will also receive a total of three chances to win.

On December 31st, 2014, one Ruthmere member’s name will be drawn as the winner of a 5-day, 4-night trip for two to London, England, worth $5,000.

Visit www.Ruthmere.org to donate online and receive your chance to win this trip. Terms and conditions apply.

December 2013 Menno Traveler

the newsletter for our business travelers

~~ Happy Holidays! ~~

Our office will be closed at noon on Tuesday December 24, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day for our employees to enjoy the Holidays with their families.

For your convenience, our After Hours Emergency Service will be available.

Call 800-367-1633 and use the VIT Code P3ND. Fees Apply.

One Call Does It All When Bad Weather Disrupts Your Travel Plans

Winter is upon us and that means lots of flight schedule changes! Whether you’re traveling during our business hours or after hours, your one call to Menno Travel will provide the assistance you need to rebook a flight, get a hotel for the night or rent a car to get you safely where you need to go.

During disruptions in travel, our staff works tirelessly to find good schedules on alternative flights whenever possible. This often requires long on-hold times with airlines, so leave that to us and we promise to get you on your way as quickly as possible. Outside of office hours call 800-367-1633 and use the VIT Code P3ND. Fees Apply.

Car Rental Rates Checked For Lower Fares

Menno Travel is saving you money and you may not even know it’s happening.  We have developed a Car Rate Checker Program that checks every car rental reservation and when the rate has decreased,we rebook the same car at the lower rate saving your company money. The best part is that this service is done at no additional charge; it’s the power of doing business with Menno Travel!

Below is a sample of real savings (in green) by one of our corporate accounts:

Car Rate Check Savings

Checked Date


Book Rate

Rental Rate



Org Date


Dest Date























































Our Car and Hotel Programs Give More

Through American Express we offer our travelers special rates and amenities on hotels and car rentals. The Preferred Extras Hotel Program provides worldwide coverage with over 35,500 properties in 170 countries and 7,400 cities, offering competitive and flexible last room availability rates.  

The Altour Hotel Collection offers an amenity-based program at over 600 luxury five star and boutique properties. The program focuses on continuing to manage hotel expenditures while providing travelers with a wide range of price and property options.

The American Express® Car Rental Rates Program offers competitive car rental savings and value-added programs to business travelers. The car rental partners Hertz, Alamo, National, Avis, Budget and Enterprise continually strive to support customers with periodic coupon programs, exclusive promotional rates, and special corporate rates.

Contact Holly Yoder for more information or to discuss your corporate travel policy.

Convenience Is Another Reason To Call Menno Travel

Contact us for the convenience of having all reservations (air, car and hotel) in one place with all frequent traveler account numbers stored and attached appropriately to your bookings. One fee covers it all!


ALERT! Now Is The Time To Book Spring Break

For best cruise, resort or hotel options and best flight cost and schedule, now is the time to call us at 574-534-1521 or email dorothy@mennotrav.com to make your Spring Break plans!


US Airways Legally Merged With American

The merger has legally closed, which means US Airways will combine with American to form an airline with an extensive network, greater schedule options and a modern and fuel-efficient fleet.

There is no impact to any existing reservations you may have with American Airlines or US Airways as they will continue to function as two separate airlines for quite some time, and very few changes will happen immediately. Beginning in early January, you will have the ability to earn and redeem miles on both carriers and reciprocal lounge access.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest developments by visiting aa.com/arriving.

American Express Platinum Card Removes AA Lounge Access

Beginning in March, American Express Platinum Card will no longer allow access to American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges or US Airways® Club locations, now that American and US Airways have merged into one airline.

Access to Delta Sky Club™ is still granted by presenting your Platinum Card, your valid ticket for same day travel on the corresponding airline that is operating the flight, and a government issued ID. Your spouse and children under the age of 21, or up to two traveling companions, may join you as complimentary guests in the club room.

The Platinum card also provides access to the Priority Pass™ membership for no additional charge. This membership will get you in to 600 participating Priority Pass VIP airport lounges worldwide. Call 800-801-6564 to enroll and see a complete listing of participating lounges at www.prioritypass.com.

A new benefit for American Express Platinum and Centurion cardmembers and guest is access to Centurion Clubs in Mexico – Mexico City, Argentina – Buenos Aires, Brazil – São Paulo, and India – Delhi.  Menno Travel co-owner, Doug Risser has used the clubs in Rio and Sao Paulo and says they make a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the airports. The first Centurion lounge in the US is in Las Vegas with more to come.

Changes to US Airways and United MileagePlus Partnership

Effective Monday, March 31, 2014, US Airways will no longer be a MileagePlus or codeshare partner with United Airlines due to the merger with American Airlines. United customers with Star Alliance travel on US Airways flights will continue to receive Star Alliance benefits through March 30, 2014. 

All current tickets for travel on US Airways will be honored. Award travel can be booked on US Airways using MileagePlus miles through March 30, 2014. As long as customers earn award miles they will also earn Premier qualifying miles and Premier qualifying segments. On eligible US Airways flights between January 1 and March 30, 2014, customers can earn also Premier qualifying dollars. Star Alliance status benefits will apply on US Airways through March 30, 2014.

Customers with a United Club membership or traveling on a United international premium cabin ticket can access US Airways Clubs through March 30, 2014. To learn more about earning and using miles during this transition, click here

TSA Expands Enrollment for PreCheck Program

The Transportation Security Administration has opened its PreCheck program to the general public. The PreCheck application program requires a background check, fingerprinting and an enrollment fee of $85 for a five-year membership.

Once approved, travelers will receive a Known Traveler Number and the opportunity to go through PreCheck lanes at security checkpoints at participating airports. Previously, to be eligible for PreCheck, travelers had to opt-in through participating airline’s frequent flier program, or be enrolled in one of Customs and Border Protection’s Global Entry, SENTRI or NEXUS Trusted Traveler programs. Those avenues into PreCheck will still be available.

The TSA opened their first application center at the Indianapolis International Airport, making it convenient for travelers in Indiana to appear in person for the required interview, present identification and be fingerprinted. Walk-ins are welcome. By the end of the year, TSA expects to open application centers in the New York City area, the Washington, D.C. metro area and the Los Angeles area. TSA ultimately plans to expand to more than 300 application centers across the country.

You can also pre-apply online here and set an appointment at an approved enrollment center.

Average Airfares Have Risen 6.5% In The Past 8 Years

An analysis by USA Today Network on domestic air ticket prices at the 100 busiest U.S. airports has found that airfares have risen an average of 6.5%, after inflation, between the first quarter of 2005 and the first quarter of 2013. Some airfare increases were attributed to a decline in domestic airline seats as a result of mergers by major carriers. Airports that saw an increase in airline seats, such as Denver, San Francisco and Charlotte Douglas International, saw an average 18% decline in domestic ticket prices.

Cell Phone Use On Planes

The Federal Communications Commission voted to get public comment on the possibility of lifting the ban on in-flight cellphone use, which would pave the way for airlines to install cellular transponders. Since then, most airlines have chosen to not to allow cellular calls or Internet-based voice communications onboard their flights, including Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and United.

American Airlines said that it will keep its customers’ wishes in mind should the FCC give airlines the power to decide whether they want to allow in-flight use of cellphones. Virgin American is also reserving the right to decide at a later time.

Stay tuned to see which airlines you can fly without needing to put up with listening to other traveler’s phone conversations!

United Offers Subscriptions for Checked Baggage and Economy Plus Seats

Pack freely when you travel with United and United Express operated flights. With a United baggage subscription, you and up to eight companions traveling on the same reservation can each check up to two bags per flight for free. Subscriptions begin at $349 for one year.

Note: The purchase of a checked baggage subscription does not waive charges that would ordinarily be assessed for oversized and/or overweight bags and does not cover the cost of checking more than two standard bags.

Economy Plus® subscriptions start at $499.00. Your subscription will let you reserve an Economy Plus seat on any United or United Express® flight that has available Economy Plus seats.

Starting at $500.00 or 65,000 miles, purchase a United Club membership and you’ll have access to more than 45 United Club locations and other select partner lounges worldwide.

Click here to purchase these options.

Menno Traveler November 2013

the newsletter for our business travelers


~~ Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ~~


Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29 for our employees to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with their families.


For your convenience, our After Hours Emergency Service will be available.

Call 800-367-1633 and use the VIT Code P3ND. Fees Apply.


Thanksgiving Holiday Travelers ToTop 25 Million!

Airlines for America predicts an estimated 25 million passengers will fly during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period from Nov. 22 to Dec. 3. The peak will occur on Dec. 1 when more than 2.5 million will travel, the group said. It added that airlines are adding seats to accommodate holiday demand, and planes are expected to be more than 85% full on the busiest days.


Saving Money, Time and Hassle by Booking Hotels and Cars with Menno Travel

When you book an airline ticket with Menno Travel, there’s no additional cost for us to make a hotel or car rental reservation for you using our preferred American Express rates. If you’re not ready to make your hotel or car reservation at the same time that you called to make your airline reservation, no problem! Add it later and there is still no charge.


And just like we do with your airline frequent flyer number, we add your hotel or car rewards number to your reservation so that you receive all of your perks and benefits. You don’t miss a thing and all of your reservations are in one place. This is convenient when you need to make a change…one call does it all, including calls to our After Hours service.


All air, car and hotel bookings appear on corporate reports, making expense reporting quick and efficient.


“Menno Travel Rocks!”

We received this note from one of Ron Yoder’s clients last week -

“I’ve been traveling internationally as a part of my job for the past decade—so have faced my share of frustrations and headaches that are all part of the package when you deal with multiple airlines. Working with Ron from Menno Travel has taken a huge load off my mind—he handles all the details, making sure that my trip runs smoothly. On a recent trip to Central Africa, my team was stranded for a week in Paris due to flight cancellations. Knowing that Menno Travel would take care of getting our tickets refunded meant I could focus on keeping our project on track, and begin making plans for an alternate trip. Ron has saved me hours and hours on the phone, and managed to secure a full refund*! Something I’m 100% certain I could never have managed, allowing us to reschedule the trip for a later date. Thanks Menno! For anything involving multiple connections, or team trips, using Menno is a no-brainer—the peace of mind is priceless. You guys rock!”


* Delta originally offered a partial refund of $700 and through our connections we were able to get the additional $1,600 back for our client.


ALERT! Now Is The Time To Book Spring Break

For best cruise, resort or hotel options and best flight cost and schedule, now is the time to call us at 574-534-1521 or email dorothy@mennotrav.com to make your Spring Break plans!


Using Portable Electronic Devices in Flight

The Federal Aviation Administration now allows the use of electronic devices at all stages of flight, but airlines had to test their own aircraft to make sure there is no interference.


JetBlue, Delta, United, US Airways and American have completed their testing, have received FAA approval and are now allowing smaller, handheld approved devices to be used in ‘airplane mode’ during all phases of flight within the 50 United States, unless otherwise instructed by a crew member. Mainline domestic carriers are restricting use to their main carrier flights and hope to expand to allow use on their regional carriers soon. Watch for further announcements on expanded service.


Cell phones should be in airplane mode or with cellular service disabled, no signal bars displayed, and cannot be used for voice communications due to Federal Communications Commission regulations that prohibit any airborne calls on cell phones. The new rules apply only to flights in the U.S. and not flights to U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


New Technology to Allow Texting and Talking in Flight

Gogo’s Text & Talk technology is currently being tested and will hopefully be available on passenger airlines during the first quarter of 2014. The service works through a Gogo Text & Talk app where you can dial or send or receive texts using a dialing pad, or tap contacts names or the names inside “recents” caller lists.


Gogo is a major provider of fee-based Wi-Fi and digital entertainment inflight services. Its services are currently available on more than 2,000 planes across nine domestic U.S. air carriers.


Changes To United’s Frequent Flyer Program

United Airlines has announced changes to its frequent flyer program. Effective February 1, 2014, United Airlines Mileage Plus customers using award miles with partners on the Star Alliance Network will see an exponential increase in cost compared to similar awards flown only on United. First class ticket awards on partners will go up 40-80% and business class ticket awards on partners will go up 20-40%. Some economy class awards will increase by 5-15%.


United Airlines changed the number of frequent flyer miles required for some reward flights, including flights serving Hawaii and international first class flights. MileagePlus reward miles needed to redeem domestic flights remains unchanged.


Delta Changing Redemption Levels For SkyMiles Awards

Select redemption levels changed for Award Tickets booked now, for travel on or after February 1, 2014. You can continue to book Award Tickets for travel before February 1, 2014, at the current Award redemption levels. Click here for complete details. (Delta’s increases are much less severe than the ones made by United.)


Are You Receiving the Royal Treatment From Your Car Rental Company?

Have you seen or heard about travelers who bypass the rental counter, walk directly to the car rental lot, walk up and down an aisle assessing the cars as if they are about to purchase the car and then hop in one and drive away without even talking to a company representative?! Have you ever wondered who those people are and what they pay for that?


Well, they pay nothing…and it could be you. With National Car Rental, all you need to do is sign up for their Emerald Club, reserve a mid-size car and you pick any car from their Emerald Aisle. You get Free Upgrades and Free Membership. There is no pre-reserved car, just an entire block of options for you to pick from. You also get to select from Free Rental Days, frequent-flyer miles or hotel rewards.


Rent often and you can earn Emerald Club Executive® status with 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rental days in a calendar year. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Emerald Club® membership plus a higher level of privileges, including your choice of full-size or better cars from the exclusive Executive area, guaranteed upgrades, and One Free Rental Day with six rental credits.


Emerald Club Executive Elite® status is attainable with 25 paid rentals or 85 paid rental days in a calendar year. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Executive status plus a guaranteed car (up to a Fullsize) with 24-hour notice, vehicle delivery to most private airport terminals at many U.S. National locations and One Free Rental Day (any car class with no blackout dates) with just five rental credits.


Enroll here and begin receiving your benefits with your next National rental. If you sign up for a new account, remember to advise us of your National account number so that we can add this to your profile for future bookings.


Delta Allows Same-Day Changes 24 Hours Prior

Delta travelers are now allowed to request a same-day change up to 24 hours prior to the original flight departure time, rather than only on the day of departure. The new departure time must still be on the same day as the originally-scheduled departure.


Full details are available here on Delta’s website.


Mobile Device Check-in at South Bend Airport

Mobile boarding is now available for passengers traveling on Allegiant and United from South Bend Airport (SBN).  Allegiant and United passengers with web-enabled mobile devices can check-in, proceed through security and onto the plane without a printed boarding pass.  Delta is working to have this service available to its customers soon.


Alaska Airlines Increases Minimum Check-in Time for Domestic Flights

Alaska Airlines is increasing its minimum check-in time for all customers from 30 to 40 minutes on most domestic flights. The minimum check-in time for international flights remains 60 minutes.


Menno Traveler

Menno Traveler – May 2013

~ a newsletter for our business travelers ~

Airline Change Fees Increase – UPDATE
A few weeks ago we sent out a special Alert! E-mail announcing United and US Airways had increased their domestic ticket change fees.  As expected, American Airlines and Delta also increased their fees. For most domestic flights, the fees went from $150 to $200 for non-refundable tickets. Actual cost of the change depends on the type of ticket you have purchased, your status with the airline’s frequent flyer program, and the type of change you need to make. United just announced they have also increased international change and cancellation fees.

Jet Blue’s ticket change fees increased to between $75 and $150, with members of Jet Blue’s Mosaic program exempt from paying change or cancellation fees.

Boarding Pass ID Shows If You Can Zip Through Airport Security
Eligible travelers who have been approved for TSA PreCheck expedited security for domestic flights will begin to see a unique identifier on their boarding passes this week. This identifier will help qualified travelers route themselves to the dedicated PreCheck lanes at the nation’s 40 participating airports. Delta and US Airways passengers will see “TSA Prechk” on their paper boarding passes and the TSA PreCheck logo on mobile boarding passes. United fliers will see the PreCheck logo on both paper and mobile boarding passes. Click here for TSA PreCheck details including a list of the airport locations.

TSA PreCheck new airport locations:
Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE)
Memphis International Airport (MEM)
Nashville International Airport (BNA)
Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)

Benefits of TSA PreCheck may include no longer removing shoes, light outerwear and belts, or laptop and 3-1-1 compliant liquids from carry-on bags.

Clear Customs Faster At O’Hare
Starting July 1, travelers with U.S. passports entering the country at O’Hare International Airport will be able to clear customs faster by using an automated kiosk instead of filling out a paper declaration card. Chicago plans to install 32 kiosks at O’Hare’s international terminal. No advance registration is required.

Upon deplaning, U.S. passport-holders will be able to proceed directly to the kiosks and answer a series of questions on a touch screen. A receipt will be issued, and the traveler will take the receipt and his or her passport and airline boarding pass to a Customs and Border Protection officer for verification. Personal data entered into the computer system will be handled securely.

Get the Seat You Want
The popular travel app for smartphones, TripIt Pro, has a function called Seat Tracker, and you can tell it what seat you want on the airplane, and they will notify you when it becomes available. Do you like extra leg-room? Stuck in a middle seat? Need seats together? Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, when you book your air reservations with Menno Travel, our quality control software, MARVIN, automatically assigns, checks and changes seats based on your stored preferences. Preferences can be simple (using existing profiles) or complex such as: aisle, left side, forward, but not behind the bulkhead, over the wing, etc. Seat Clearance can be used for initial seat assignments on all reservations as well as improving seat assignments up to the time of departure.

Here’s what MARVIN did from May 2012 through April 2013 for our clients:
542 new seats assigned (where the traveler had no seat when the reservation was made)
1770 existing seats improved (95% were not center seats!)

Click here to see what else MARVIN can do.

Does Cheaper Equal Less Expensive?
For $39.00 our travel specialists can book your domestic flight, a car and your hotel! Is the time spent researching hotel options and entering in your personal information worth any savings? With just a quick call or email to our staff, everything is booked, confirmed, changed or canceled and it’s all on one reservation. We make travel simple!

Meanwhile, the traveler trying to save a dollar is still online researching the lowest airline price and best schedule, a car rental that is located at the airport, and a hotel location close to their destination. Is an hour of your time best SPENT booking your own travel? Call Holly Yoder to find out more ways to save money with managed travel.

How Travel Affects a Company’s Bottom Line
Businesses that continued to send employees on the road during the recession were more profitable than those that cut back on business travel, a new study has found.

The study, conducted by Oxford Economics showed that for every dollar invested in business travel, U.S. companies generated $9.50 in revenue and $2.90 in profit, according to the study, based on an analysis of government data on 14 industries over an 18-year period. An accompanying survey of 298 business travelers conducted in November found that 57% believed cutting their travel budgets during the economic downturn hurt their company’s performance. Only 4% said it helped.

Congratulations to those of you who continued to travel and grow company profits!

How well do you know your travel costs?
Menno Travel’s iBank reporting program is a great database resource for CFO’s, HR and Sales managers who want to track travel costs and prepare travel budgets.  Data is collected and stored every time a reservation is made or a ticket is issued.

Sort and filter the data to find your company’s top travelers and number of trips. See how far in advance your travelers are booking flights. Want to know how often and when a change is made to a reservation that increases the cost? How about a report showing exactly how many American Express Membership Rewards Points were utilized on a particular flight?

These are just a few of the reports that we offer our corporate clients.  What travel data would you like to see? How frequently do you want it?  We customize our reports to meet your needs.  Contact Holly Yoder if you have questions or requests relating to iBank reports.

American Offers Earlier Boarding To Those Who Don’t Use Overhead Bins
American said it will allow passengers with only one personal carry-on item that fits under the seat in front of them to board before Group 2 coach-class boarding. While AA generally charges for a first checked bag, for now, customers who wish to board before Group 2 can gate-check their carry-on bag at no charge.

Southwest Adopts A No Show Policy
For travel beginning on or after September 13, Southwest will add a no-show policy for nonrefundable fares not canceled or changed before departure. If a customer does not use or cancel any portion of a ticketed itinerary, the remaining reservation will be canceled and all unused funds on the full itinerary will be lost.

Notre Dame Home Games
Keep these dates in mind when planning your fall travel into and out of South Bend Airport:

August 31 – Temple
September 21 – Michigan State
September 28 – Oklahoma
October 19 – USC
November 2 – Navy
November 23 – BYU

What Travel Incentive Will Motivate You or Your Employees?
Without sales and increased productivity, your business stands to lose profits and market share. Why not support your staff and increase profits at the same time? A travel incentive awards program lets your staff know that you value and support them and has a positive effect on your bottom line. The best part is that a well-designed incentive program doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money! The increased profits from the short term program pay for the trip.

A successful incentive travel program also helps companies identify specific challenges and then design strategies to motivate key people to accomplish business goals. It’s human nature to want to be rewarded for short term behavior. Being aware of this basic characteristic within your company will help you capitalize on what people already have the ability to do. Isn’t it time for you to start taking a look at what travel incentive you can offer? Contact Maureen or Ronda for some ideas.


Holland America Line: Summer on Sale Promotion
Take your family on a cruise this summer! Holland America Line’s “Summer on Sale” promotion offers:

* Savings of up to 50 percent off select cruise fares

* Free or reduced third and fourth fares on select voyages

* Shipboard credit of up to $100 per stateroom

Choose from Alaska cruises and CruiseTours, Europe and Canada/New England. Talk to one of our cruise specialists and pick the right destination and itinerary that fits your family.

Call 574-534-1521 or email Dorothy to book your cruise before July 12, 2013! Terms and conditions apply.

Menno Traveler April 2013

Menno Traveler – April 2013

~ a newsletter for our business travelers ~

Our office will celebrate Easter by closing at Noon on Good Friday, March 29.

For your convience, our After Hours Emergency Service will be available.

Call 800-367-1633 and use the VIT Code P3ND. Fees Aply.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

Saving You More On Car Rentals

At Menno Travel we help you save money whenever possible. With car rentals, for example, we discovered that some rates on cars that were already reserved actually went down a couple of days prior to the rental date! This allowed us to pass the savings along to our client. This is another quality control check that we use to help you save money. Contact Geof or Holly if you would like to learn more about our managed corporate travel.

Do You Understand Your Company’s Travel Policy?

As businesses continue to clamp down on policy and compliance, research firm Amadeus surveyed 400 travellers and found only 53% fully understand their corporate travel policy and 34% had gone “off plan” last year. Managed travel takes the guesswork out of controlling costs and staying within budget. Contact Holly to learn more.

TSA Allowable Carry-On List Expands

The TSA ruled that airline passengers will be allowed to carry pen knives, corkscrews with small blades and other knives onto planes. Passengers also will be allowed to bring onboard, as part of their carry-on luggage, novelty-sized baseball bats less than 24 inches long, toy plastic bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and two golf clubs. The policy goes into effect on April 25. Click here for the TSA Prohibited Items list.

Get More With Delta and Starwood

By booking Delta flights and Starwood hotels together, you can earn reciprocal benefits with SkyMiles and Starpoints programs. Called the Crossover Rewards program, enrolled SkyMiles Medallion members will have access to benefits including priority check-in, 4 p.m. late checkout and free in-room internet access when staying at Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Starwood elite members can receive one free checked bag, priority check-in and priority boarding when flying Delta.

In addition, Medallion members will earn one mile per dollar spent on eligible room rates when staying with Starwood and Starpoint members will earn points per dollar spent on eligible flights in addition to the miles usually earned for their flight. Starwood includes Sheraton, Westin, Four Points by Sheraton, W Hotels, St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Le Méridien, element and Aloft. More information is available at delta.com/crossoverrewards or spg.com/crossoverrewards.

Ask for reservations at one of these Starwood hotels the next time you travel on Delta. Menno Travel has preferred rates and availability with several American Express hotel programs. Don’t miss out!

Delta SkyMiles Medallion Changes for 2014

Effective January 1, 2014, a minimum spend level based on the price of tickets purchased will be required to qualify for status in the 2015 Medallion program. This is in addition to the Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) or Medallion Qualification Segments (MQSs) already used to determine the various status levels of the SkyMiles Medallion program. This will not affect customers in 2013. For more information, click here to visit the Delta Skymiles website.

Hertz Carfirmation Technology

Hertz’s Carfirmation™ is a mobile alert service that sends a notice to your phone to let you know which car you will be driving and where it is parked the minute it is ready. It also shows other available cars and upgrades and lets you select the one you want – all on your mobile. Simple, fast and easy.

Go to the Personal and Contact details section of your profile on Hertz.com and opt-in to receive Mobile Gold Alerts by email or SMS, or both. This service is available at Hertz’s top 50 airports.

Southwest Now Flying from Grand Rapids and Flint

Flights on Southwest Airlines from Grand Rapids to Baltimore/Washington, Denver, Orlando and St. Louis will begin August 11. Southwest will offer nonstop flights, add new cities, larger airplanes and more flights. They will offer nonstop service between Flint, Mich., and Las Vegas starting August 11. Service from Flint will also include nonstop service to Baltimore/Washington, Orlando, and Tampa Bay.

New Boarding Option for Southwest

Southwest is offering customers the opportunity to purchase one of the earliest boarding positions for $40 per flight, when available. This new boarding option will only be offered at the gate on the day of travel, beginning 45 minutes before the flight departs. Customers will hear an announcement in the gate area and will be able to purchase an available boarding position via credit card from a Customer Service Agent.

Southwest Airlines A Mixed Bag

Based on an audit it completed in November 2012 looking at 100 major domestic city pairs, Topaz found that competing airlines were lower than Southwest Airlines over 60 percent of the time. Topaz studied only comparable flights between Southwest and its competitors and whether the itinerary was nonstop or had connections.

Of course, if travelers check one bag, Southwest is a lower price 60 percent of the time, Topaz determined. When checking two bags, Southwest Airlines is almost always a lower price in the 100 markets analyzed, beating competitors on pricing in such instances 88 percent of the time.

Recent advertising from Southwest indicates an apparent shift in their image, as they add new fees and complete their merger with Air Tran. We anticipate more changes this year. While Menno Travel actively sells Southwest when it benefits customers, Southwest chooses not to offer travel agent support, so our ability to advocate for you is limited.

AA-US Airways Integration to Take 12 to 18 Months

It will be at least a year or a year-and-a-half before American Airlines and US Airways start merging their operations. The two airlines have to work together to align their policies in the cockpit, in the cabin and on the ground, according to marketing and sales executives from the two airlines. That means it’ll be awhile before the two carriers operate with a single res system.


Putting the “WOW Factor” Into Incentive Trips

A well-planned event, a site that is known around the world, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity are all the trademarks of an incentive travel experience with a “WOW Factor”.

How do you make YOUR incentive pop?  The “WOW Factor” is a way to set your program apart from others. Most “WOW Factors” are right under your nose, so to speak.  Arrange for a private dinner at Fenway Park or Soldier Field.  Local aquariums offer space for dinner under the sea and a museum can offer a setting or a cocktail party surrounded by original art.

Further away from home, the Mayan Ruins in Mexico or Blenheim Palace near London can provide an unforgettable gala experience with local flavor. These are things that your participants would not normally experience on their own vacation and what a dramatic way to present awards at the end of the trip!

Event budgets are tight and the “extras” are a natural place to cut costs. Be careful your incentive program doesn’t go from inspiring to merely rewarding, and your annual meeting doesn’t feel like a training seminar.

While it’s difficult to top your travel incentive programs year after year, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends, newest experiences and current hot spots. Contact Maureen or Ronda and let the experienced staff at Menno Travel help put the “WOW Factor” into your next incentive trip.


Private Villa Rentals Offer Luxurious Value

Consider a luxurious vacation that will make you feel like the “Rich and Famous” by renting a villa or luxury condo in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, France or Italy! A dream can become an elegant and memorable reality thanks to The Villa Experience through our preferred supplier, American Express Vacations.

A private villa or condo featuring all the trappings associated with the most luxurious vacation can actually be more economical than a luxury resort. People often envision the concept of a villa vacation as something just wealthy can afford, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A villa vacation is all about a luxurious travel experience where relaxation and privacy are paramount goals.

Villas are perfect for special needs like Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Family Reunions, Golf Vacations, or Corporate Meetings. Contact dorothy@mennotrav.com to start planning your luxury getaway!

Menno Traveler December 2012

MENNO TRAVELER December 2012

the newsletter for our business travelers

Our office will celebrate the Christmas and New Year’s holidays by closing for the following days:

December 24 and 25

January 1

For your convenience, our After Hours Emergency Service will be available.

Call 800-367-1633 and use the VIT Code P3ND. Fees Apply.

We wish you all Happy Holidays!

Deb Mangas On the Move!

As Business Development Manager for Menno Travel for the past nine years, Deb Mangas worked closely with many of our corporate accounts. We’re happy to announce that Deb re-joined our Vacation Travel Department and is now available to handle your vacation travel. Deb kept her hand in the vacation travel business over the years and worked full time in that department prior to becoming Business Development Manager.

We appreciate the work Deb has done in bringing in business and servicing our corporate accounts. Deb will continue to represent Menno Travel in the local community and the broader travel community. Contact Deb to plan your next getaway.

New Business Development Manager Hired

Most recently the Associate Executive Director of the Nappanee Division of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Goshen, Holly Yoder joins Menno Travel as Business Development Manager. Holly is responsible for growing our individual and group corporate business. She brings enthusiasm and energy to this job and looks forward to learning to know our current and future clients. Please join us in welcoming Holly to our Menno family. You may contact her by calling our office or email holly@mennotrav.com.

Southwest To Fly To Wichita

Beginning June 2, 2013, Southwest Airlines will offer new nonstop service from Chicago Midway to Wichita, KS and Tulsa, OK. The Wichita service on Southwest begins the day after it ends with AirTran, which is now owned by Southwest.

Delta’s New Website Adds Enhancements

Delta has a new look to their website. Here are a few key updates:

-  SkyMiles members will need to create a password to replace the PIN.

-  You will be able to access and print your ticket and baggage receipts past and present for up to two years with the new feature called My Receipts.

-  My Delta is a feature that provides you with a summarized view of your upcoming trips, SkyMiles, promotion information, and much more.

Hurry and Buy Medallion Status Before the End of the Year!

Delta SkyMiles members have until December 31 to purchase Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) to be applied toward your 2013 Medallion status. If you are close to achieving 2013 status but are unable to acquire the remaining MQM’s, this is a great offer. Up to 10,000 MQMs may be purchased in 2,500 increments at a time. Miles can only be purchased on delta.com.

Incentive Travel – Finding the Perfect Fit
There are many types of incentive travel programs. The effort required to find the one that works best for your company or organization may be the reason you don’t have one.  Understanding and structuring an effective incentive can be a daunting task and some companies just don’t see the value in it. It is worth your time and effort.

We have all heard “It takes money to make money” or “You can’t afford not to”.  These are sayings that are parallel with company incentives.  Whether you want to motivate employees or reward loyal customers, move inventory or increase sales, there is an incentive program out there for you. The incentive travel specialists at Menno Travel are available to help you consider your incentive travel options that will give you the most bang for your buck. Contact Ronda Morris or Maureen Russell to get started.

Argentina Changes Reciprocity Fee Policy

Any passenger visiting Argentina with an American, Canadian or Australian passport will be required to pay the Reciprocity Fee in advance online at the following site:

https://virtual.provinciapagos.com.ar/ArgentineTaxes/. They must register and pay with a credit card and a receipt will be given and must be shown upon their arrival in Argentina. Lack of proof of payment will result in the passenger being denied entry and they will be returned to their departure city by the airline. We strongly urge passengers to take this seriously!

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been quietly removing its X-ray body

scanners from major airports and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer. The decision was made not because of safety concerns but to speed up checkpoints at busy airports. The machines are being moved to smaller airports. Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, and JFK have had the machines removed. The replacement machines, known as millimeter-wave scanners, rely on low-energy radio waves similar to those used in cell phones. The machines detect potential threats automatically and quickly using a computer program. They display a generic cartoon image of a person’s body, mitigating privacy concerns.

You Earned It, Now Take It!

A survey by American Express found that 17% of those that earn paid vacation days will leave some of their days unused. The average American has eight unused vacation days and 34% of those days will expire at the end of the year.

What’s stopping you from taking that summer vacation, celebrating that anniversary or planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip? It doesn’t take much time to make a phone call or send an email, so start putting your vacation days to use! Contact Dorothy Shirk, Vacation Department Manager and let us arrange the perfect, well-deserved vacation!

P.S. Just having a vacation scheduled improves morale and productivity…

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