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Below are the links to your online booking tool. This will allow you the convenience of making your own travel arrangements online. Please be sure to complete your Rearden Profile before purchasing any travel.

Rearden Personal Assistant Booking Tool

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Enterprise eLink

For assistance after hours please call this hotline: (800) 367-7863. TMC’s VIT code is P-PCB. The After-Hours service knows that only the travel planners on the list are allowed to book/change reservations, and that they may do so for any traveler.

TMC will need to let Menno Travel Service know whenever there are changes to their travel planner list so we can update the After-Hours service.

It should take less than ten minutes to complete a profile. Menno Travel Service has prepared this reference page with instruction files on the booking engine.  Once you have completed your profile, your account is active.

** Please Note: Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Secure Flight rules mandate that the name in an airline reservation match exactly to the government-issued form of ID used at check-in.  If you travel internationally, we recommend that the name on your driver’s license and passport match exactly to simplify your travel experience.  Updating your driver’s license to match your passport is the least expensive option.

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