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 December 2011

 Our Office Will Be Closed December 26 and January 2

We wish you Happy Holidays as we say farewell to 2011 and welcome 2012.  If you need to reach our After Hours Hotline for travel assistance while our office is closed, please call 888-367-1633 and advise the hotline agent of our VIT Code P-3ND.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


Top Three Reasons Managed Travel Programs Work for Business Travel

Number 1)  Contain the rising cost of travel – can’t measure, can’t manage, can’t control.

Number 2)  Traveler security – know where your employees are in the world.

Number 3)  Fraud protection – more than 20% of fraud is related to the expense claims process.

Is your company effectively managing its travel? Menno Travel offers both fully managed and lightly managed travel services.  Contact Geof or Deb for details on each program.

Redefining Lowest Logical Airfare

For your corporate travel policy, consider expanding your definition of “logical” beyond price, scheduling and corporate discounts–to the benefit of both your travelers and your organization. The traditional, old-school lowest logical airfare approach–booking flights based primarily on price and schedule–simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Consider the following:

• Fees: Does your definition of lowest logical fare include ancillary fees that can increase the cost of a trip by 10 to 30 percent?

• Productivity: Is it logical to have a business traveler fly across the country on an aircraft that doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, a power port or enough room between seats to even open a laptop, when you know they want to work?

• Status: Is the $75 in savings worth it when the traveler does not have priority boarding, overhead space and had to check their bag (and wait for it at the other end), and of course, enjoyed all the pleasures associated with a middle seat in the rear of the aircraft?

Few corporate travel policies consider what the traveler wants or how the changing travel landscape could impact their travel program. By understanding the needs of travelers and their greater mission for the company, the travel manager can better manage the overall experience–keeping costs down, and compliance to corporate policies and traveler satisfaction high.

Contact Geof or Deb to help you update or create a travel policy for your business.

Corporate Cards Save Money for Businesses of All Sizes

Companies that fail to use corporate cards for travel and entertainment spending are losing out in negotiating clout, travel policy compliance, back office efficiency, traveler satisfaction and potential card rebates. Regardless of how much a company spends on travel and entertainment, a card program will create huge benefits.

How much in savings will a card program yield? The typical company can cut 15% from spending on contract commodities like air, hotel and car, according to Martin Cannings, product director for Citi commercial cards in Europe, the Middle East andAfrica. Increasing card use also cuts internal costs by making T&E processes more efficient, he said.

More complete data provides more opportunities to:

•    analyze and improve traveler compliance,

•    create a more robust data set for more effective vendor negotiations,

•    automate data capture,

•    reduce costs associated with erroneous and incomplete data entered by travelers, and

•    lower costs from decreased fraud, misuse, and out-of-policy spending.

The higher the corporate card use, the easier it is to run reports on non-card spending and identify individual travelers who aren’t using the card.

Contact Geof or Deb for more reasons to get a corporate card if you don’t have one.

Ron Yoder Saves Clients $8,000!

Over the years our organization has sent hundreds of people all over the world, often to remote destinations where travel is not an easy task.  To ease the burden of caring for these details on our own we have utilized the services of Menno Travel, specifically working with Ron Yoder. We have always felt taken care of but recently Ron’s service went above and beyond. This fall we are sending several groups to far off destinations in Africa where tickets run close to $3,000 a person. After tickets had been purchased, Ron came across new lower prices that saved our travelers $500 a ticket. We are grateful for Ron’s attention to detail and desire to serve our organization even after the sale! As a result we are able to free up these funds to advance leadership development and medical care in African countries rather than simply paying for travel.  Thanks, Ron!

Displaying Itineraries for Flights Using Multiple Carriers

If a trip contains multiple airlines, each airline won’t necessarily have the entire itinerary listed on their website.  The first airline in an itinerary may show only part of the second airline’s itinerary, for example.  Even if all carriers’ flights are listed, the first carrier may not receive updates if there are changes to “down-stream” carriers.

For example, a client recently contacted us because Delta’s website still showed a Korean Air flight that we had canceled, but Korean Air didn’t send the information through to Delta.  The client was concerned when they saw the Korean Air flight still listed on

This can be a problem domestically too, especially with all the codesharing between airlines. If the flights were booked in our reservation system, you can see all flights in your itinerary at  Here you will also find links to the airlines’ online check-in pages.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding your itinerary.

Delta Air Lines Boosting Flights Out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport

Delta is adding routes that target American Airlines and put it in a better position to compete against United. Delta says the additions make it the biggest airline between theNew Yorkarea and cities in theU.S.That should help increase Delta’s business travelers.

Delta is adding flights toMiamiand Dallas, both American Airlines hubs. It will also fly toHoustonandDenver, which are both United hubs, andCharlotte, which is a hub for US Airways.

It will be interesting to see how these increased flights out of LaGuardia will affect service on other Delta routes…

Delta’s New In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-fi

Delta Air Lines launched new in-flight entertainment options as part of its $2 billion investment in the flying experience. The additions include Delta Connect, an in-flight portal that will be available to all customers using Wi-Fi on Delta aircraft; wireless movies and television on demand on Boeing 757-300 aircraft. Delta Connect will offer an expanded range of free content such as more choices for entertainment and shopping as well as flight and destination information.

A List of Airlines with WiFi

Inflight Wifi is becoming increasingly important to business travelers, and three airlines have Wifi on their entire domestic fleet: AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America. Five more have it on select aircraft; they are: AirCanada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways.

The Delta App Now For All Four Major Smartphones

Whether you have the iPhone®, Android™, BlackBerry® or the Windows® Phone, you can take advantage of the following features of the Delta App:

– View the most updated flight status and gate information

– Check in and download your eBoarding pass

– Change your seat assignment

– Access the standby and upgrade lists

– Receive alerts on flight and gate changes

– Review your SkyMiles account information

– View airport information and weather updates

– Set a reminder of where you parked at the airport

What Does American’s Bankruptcy Mean?

Basically we will see no change from American Airlines’ bankruptcy, which was the only network carrier that had avoided bankruptcy.  Airline bankruptcies are all about restructuring debt. It’s business as usual, including the AAdvantage loyalty program.

Alert: Travelers to Canada with Criminal Convictions May Be Denied Entrance

If you are traveling toCanada, be aware of an enforced law that may deny you entrance if you have ever been convicted of a criminal offense. The list of applicable convictions

 include: 1) a minor offense (including shoplifting, theft, assault, possession of an illegal substance, etc.); 2) an “indictable” criminal offense (including assault with a  deadly weapon, manslaughter; etc.), or 3) Driving While Impaired (DWI).

According to Canada’s website, it is possible to have some offenses cleared in advance of travel by submitting an application for a Minister’s Approval of Rehabilitation. For details, including a sample disclosure to provide customers, click here.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service provided by the U.S. Government toU.S.citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country.

STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State can better assist you in an emergency.

STEP also allows Americans residing abroad to get routine information from the nearest U.S.embassy or consulate. Click here for more information and to register.

Fort Wayne Airport Adds Flight

American Airlines added a third flight betweenFort Wayneand Dallas/Fort Worth. This will increase connections toMexicoand the southwest.

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