iBank Travel Management

Menno Travel’s Account Manager will work closely with you to customize your management information. To best meet your company’s requirements, we will review your travel management program. Your Account Manager will recommend the reports which will provide the information you need, in the format you want. Menno Travel automatically emails an Executive Summary with Graphs, and the Exception Air Report. Customized reports are available, however, there may be an additional fee.

Sample Reports with example data are available here.

Ibank login for existing users.

Why use iBank Travel Reports?
Immediate access to travel data is essential to a successful travel program. With iBank corporate reports through Menno Travel, you can:
  • Access globally consolidated travel data, 24/7 via the web
  • Proactively manage travel policy compliance
  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Negotiate more effectively with suppliers
  • Immediately access live travelers location information
  • Produce and automatically distribute 120 standard and ad hoc reports

Are you curious to learn why over 250 corporate travel management companies and over 220 Fortune 500 corporations utilize iBank to proactively manage their travel program? For an iBank report demonstration or to enroll in the iBank Travel Management program contact Menno Travel today.

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