“MARVIN” is Quality Control

MARVIN is the most thorough travel quality control program in the industry, customized exclusively for Menno Travel.
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Have you ever found yourself in one of the following situations?

  • Unable to get your preferred seating.
  • Forgot to call in your upgrade.
  • Not given departure city options.
  • Your fare went down after you booked your ticket.

At Menno Travel we have your solution, MARVIN!

Daily Fare Review

MARVIN accesses existing itineraries; checks to see if a fare has changed and notifies the advisor if lower fares are available. Reservations are rechecked daily up to the time of departure, ensuring the traveler of the lowest possible fare at the time of travel and within travel policy.
Seat Clearance
MARVIN automatically assigns, checks and changes seats based on traveler preferences. Preferences can be simple (using your existing profiles) or complex such as: aisle, left side, forward, but not behind the bulkhead, over the wing, etc. Seat Clearance can be used for initial seat assignments on all reservations as well as improving seat assignments up to the time of departure.
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