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Finding Lower Fares in Deem

The fare matrix shows the lowest fare even if it’s at an alternate airport. Hover your mouse over the fare in the matrix and Deem shows more details:

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To see the alternate flight options (other airports), click the fare in the matrix, or click ‘View all times and airports’ in the search box. Or (to leave the times the same), select individual airports:

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Then it shows alternate airports, indicated with an exclamation mark:

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Hotel and Multi-City Search

    Round Trip Search — you can add htl/car at all stages of the process (after selecting flights, after putting booking on hold, or after purchasing).  One hotel and one car maximum.

    Multi-City Search — you cannot add htl/car to held or purchased bookings.  You must select Hotel and/or Car checkbox at the beginning of the search.  Multiple hotels/cars in each city are allowed.

    Hotel Rates — Before booking a hotel, always look at the “Room/Rate details”.  There are a few rates that are advance purchase/nonrefundable.  And some rates have a penalty for cancelling within 24 hours of the check-in date, or 48 hours, etc.

Copy a Trip

If you make the same travel plans every month, or if you are a travel planner sending two travelers on the same trip, you can copy a trip to save time with the booking process.  After you book the trip, go to Reservations.  View the details of the itinerary, then click the Book again link at the bottom.

Avoid Penalties

Before starting a new reservation we recommend you review the upcoming travel reservations for that traveler so you do not make a duplication.

  • DOUBLE BOOKINGS – Airlines do not allow one traveler to hold the same or similar flights on separate reservations for the same date. This will result both reservations being cancelled and a huge fee from the airline to your company. This includes if even ONE flight is the same. You must cancel or change a reservation before beginning another reservation.
  • CHURNING – Booking the same exact flights, then cancelling, then booking again, then canceling, booking again, then canceling will result in an airline fee.

Finding hotels that offer Airport Transfers

After doing a hotel search, look in the left column for the “By Amenities” box.  Scroll down and put a check by “Free airport transportation”.

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This will automatically filter the results to show only hotels that offer free shuttle service. Or, if you want to see if a specific hotel offers shuttle service, click “Amenities” under the hotel name:

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If free transportation is offered, it will be listed:

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Find your Confirmation/Reservation Number

Menno Travel Service and Airlines use a set of letters and numbers for reservation identification. These can be known as Record Locator, Confirmation Number, Reference Number, or Reservation Number. Below are examples of itineraries highlighting the differences between Menno Travel’s number and the number used by the Airline for your flight check-in.

Deem Itinerary

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Menno Travel Itinerary

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Get to Know Deem

  • A delegate (travel arranger) is able to make an airline, car or hotel reservation for any traveler with a profile in Deem. They can update/change a traveler’s profile too.
  • A traveler may only make a reservation for himself/herself and may update their own travel profile.
  • An airline reservation may be put on HOLD. Deem will auto-cancel any ticket not purchased by the ticketing deadline, given at the top of the ‘Trip Submitted’ email sent from Deem when a flight is held.
  • Trip “Title” –We recommend you list traveler name, date of travel and destination in the “title” as you make a reservation.
  • Cancellations/Changes – Unless stated otherwise you may cancel or change a reservation in Deem.  However, you will receive this message if it requires an agent’s assistance: “Currently, changes are not supported online for this itinerary.  Please contact Menno Travel Service/American Express directly for changes or cancellations”
  • Airline Schedule Changes – Changes are handled directly with our agency staff. An email is sent to the traveler and travel delegate, or as noted in the reservation.
  • Ticket Issued – Check a traveler’s profile for activity.  It will say Confirmed, Pending, or Cancelled.  Confirmed means a ticket has been issued.  Deem is unable to issue tickets within 6 hours prior to a flight departure time.
  • Voided Tickets – You may cancel a reservation and the ticket may be voided if done the same day of issuance or by 4:30pm the next day.  The voiding is done by our agency staff when the reservation is cancelled.
  • Hotel Rates – Before booking a hotel, always look at the “Room/Rate details”.  There are a few rates that are advance purchase/nonrefundable. Some rates have a penalty for cancelling within 24 hours/48 hours of the check-in date.
  • Your company may have hotels with negotiated rates.  These are noted in the hotel display by a special preferred mark in the hotel display.
  • HELP – During business hours 8am-noon & 1-5pm (Eastern Time) please contact Menno Travel for any issues you may have with making a reservation in Deem.  After that time, our After Hours Service will make a reservation for you, however, they are not able to assist with any Deem booking issues
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